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Friday , June , 09 2023
The VIVO Capsule

Vivo Consulting provides strategic analysis and tactical planning for organizations and persons by providing corporate consulting and individual coaching to:
  • Clarify vision
  • Define mission
  • Articulate purpose
  • Motivate interaction
  • Facilitate change
  • Promote communication
  • Educate thinking
  • Train skills
  • Develop Branding
  • Extend Audience
  • Capture Customers
  • Repeat Sales

We help clients define their communication strategy, identify a tactical approach and bring it to realization.


About David Loofbourrow


David Loofbourrow has blended careers in education, business, ministry and technology into a unique set of skills that help his clients with all forms of communication. He holds two degrees in psychology and counseling, post graduate work in institutional management, and advanced seminary study of theology and psychology. He has enjoyed leadership positions in secondary and college institutions, churches, corporate and entrepreneurial businesses. He has keen skills in business analysis, teaching, interpersonal communication, and technology. Along side the pursuit of several business endeavors, he currently writes for an on-line magazine and is working on two books to be published when his clients give him enough time. 

Insight Consultant

"I facilitate company leaders and individuals to identify, clarify and communicate their great ideas into clear strategies and realistic plans. Bottom line - I can help you cut through the 'group-think' fog, push beyond the 'analysis-paralysis' gridlock, and rise above the 'status-quo' procrastination to move change forward." 

Communication Coach

"I instruct and motivate individuals to develop skills of critical thinking, interpersonal communication, meeting facilitation, and active listening interviewing. Bottom line - I can help you interact with people more effectively as a leader, manager, project leader or supervisor."

Marketing Innovator

"The first task any organization or business must do is define their target audience. I find once a client understands the customers and their needs, the organization can provide a clear and effective message. Whether for sales, services or influence - I strive to create with clients a Web, Social Media and physical presence that captures and holds the attention of their constituents."

Integration Educator

"One of my greatest joys and privileges is to teach groups and individuals the mission-critical skills and knowledge which aggregate corporate strengths to meet strategic goals, implement change, and build efficiency. Bottom line - I  train 'how-to' skills while educating why these skills and changes fit into the 'big-picture' of their jobs and lives."